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Australian Made and Certified

Luxara is proudly owned, designed and most importantly made in Australia. And we are certified. We pride ourselves in hand making every mattress right here in Australia.

All Luxara mattresses are made using Australian made foams and are certified by GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) to ensure stringent environmental standards and practices.

Results for consumers and communities are better too - Australian made products offer longer lifespans because they are made with quality and attention to detail. In addition, when you purchase an item made in Australia, you play a role in keeping the economy strong and supporting our hard-working people.




Are all Luxara mattresses made in Australia?

All of the main components for Luxara mattresses are sourced and handcrafted in Australia. Every Luxara mattress is made to order and arrives "factory fresh”. You'll never receive old inventory that's been boxed and stored in a warehouse for months at a time.



What are the advantages of mattresses that are made in Australia?

Mattresses made in Australia must meet strict health, safety, and environmental standards. Knowing where your mattress is made makes it easier to ensure that the manufacturer adheres to guidelines that protect workers from danger and exploitation, such as labor regulations and minimum-wage laws. Reputable mattresses manufacturers also work to minimize environmental impact by incorporating low-carbon-footprint processes and recycled materials into their products.



We are a part of Rainforest Rescue    

Rainforest Rescue is a not-for-profit organisation that has been protecting and restoring rainforests both in Australia and internationally since 1999. To date they have planted over 290,000 native trees throughout Australia and saved 36 large rainforest properties from deforestation.
Learn more about Rainforest Rescue


1% of our profits are donated   

We’re committed to donating 1% percent of our profit to our charity partner, Rainforest Rescue. Every purchase you make from Luxara will enable Rainforest Rescue to help preserve and restore Australian rainforests and their biodiversity; conserving the homes of our beloved and threatened Australian wildlife.

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